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Habbal Fingerprint lock

At Habbal Fingerprint Lock, we are a leading manufacturer of smart lock security and systems integration for your homes and public buildings. We develop and design the world's most advanced and reliable smart lock technology to produce the best smart lock device for homes, offices, schools, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

We produce fingerprint smart locks of the highest quality and also make them available in various options. We offer both key and keyless unlocking methods, so you can choose the best smart lock that suits your needs. Whether you prefer a fingerprint lock, passcode, a remote key fob, keycard, Bluetooth access, voice control, or a smartphone app control, we have just what you need.

We are proud to grace your doors with modern and stylish locks so you can have a safe and smart home. HABBAL FINGERPRINT LOCK smart technology allows you to control your door remotely via a smartphone app. With our smart features, you can easily grant your guests temporary virtual key access from any location.

At Habbal Fingerprint Lock, we put the safety of our customers first. This is why we deliver unmatched security features. From safe rooms in your offices to your homes; we offer the best range of smart security locks on the market. Not only that, we offer expert guidance so you can be sure to make the right choice.

Habbal Fingerprint Lock is committed to keeping your world safe and secure through our competitively priced fingerprint locks. Our mission is to make smart locks available to thousands of households and make people's lives easier and safer.


Single Latch

Fingerprint & passcode unlock

Auto-lock enabled

iOS and Android full app control

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Card Reader

Mechanical keys

Universal voice control

Integrated smartphone app

We care about your needs

  • Bluetooth Access

  • Control your door from anywhere via mobile app.

  • Universal voice compatibility

  • Grant Temporary Virtual Key Access for Guest

  • Auto lock / Auto unlock

  • Card unlock

  • Battery usage notifications

  • Waterproof

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Variety of Colors

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Are you a property manager?

Use the Habbal Web portal to manage all locks.

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